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Mercenary; Supremacy

Supremacy (1996)

Mercenary; Gummizild

Gummizild (1994)

Mercenary; Domicile

Domicile (1993)

The Beginning 1991-1993

Mercenary was formed 26th of May 1991.

In the beginning the style was a quite simple type of thrash, but during the next couple of years the musicians swiftly developed themselves, which could hardly be avoided, since none of them had really had any musical experience before starting the band. Their compositions changed with time, resulting in an overall more brutal and aggressive song writing, inspired mainly by contemporary death-metal.

In June 1993 Mercenary released their debut 5-track demo tape entitled "...Domicile" which was proclaimed one of the best demo tapes in northern Denmark, and it sold 1000+ in Aalborg alone. The tape gave Mercenary a lot of concerts and some time later a video was produced for the track "Induration of Sorrow", shown several times on Danish TV.

The Year 1994:

During the summer of ´94 Mercenary recorded two new tracks, once again produced by Bo Summer (of Danish Ill Disposed). These were put out on the extremely limited "...Gummizild" promotape (less than 50 copies were made), but one of the tracks was also included on the compilation CD "Fuck You We´re from Denmark, vol 3", while the other ended up on "Blood Compilation tape, Vol 1" a tape featuring local metal bands from Aalborg.

The Years 1995-96

After a sabbath year in ´95, the band recruited producer Jacob Hansen of Danish INVOCATOR, and went to the Darkside Studio in January ´96 intending to record a single track for the upcoming compilation CD " Extremity Rising, Vol 1", released by Serious Entertainment. During the recording Mercenary managed to fit fit the track "Hour Of Grief" into the schedule, and the band decided to release a self-financed MCD, containing the two new tracks along with two previously recorded tracks. the MCD called "Supremacy" was released on the 13th of June 1996 and was promoted in the entire underground. It was sent out to magazines, record labels and other metal oriented organizations. The response from everyone recieving the MCD was enormously positive. It recieved a a massive amount of good criticism, among others from the highly acclaimed Danish newspaper B.T. and metal magazine NRG. The MCD wasn´t spread much outside Denmark, but nationally, the band grew very strong.

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