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Spleen; Demo 3 (No Cover Available)

Demo 3 (2007)

Spleen; 9690

9690 (2005)

Spleen; Demo 1 (No Cover Available)

Demo 1 (2004)

SPLEEN rose from the ashes in Fjerritslev the year 2000, consisting of five members.

Four members had been friends since childhood, and played in the band SIWE along with drummer Niels Ole who left the band in 1999.

In 2000 SIWE changed their name to SPLEEN, and Christian, who was a friend of the leadsinger/guitar Mortens older brother, joined the band, playing the drums.

Around 2000/2001, an additional percussion-drummer, Kasper Sneskov, joined the band.

Along with Dj Tommys sounds from the tumtables, it was an attempt to get a more massive sound. However Kasper left the band due to lack of time and involvement.

After that, a long period of time went by, trying to get a new sound.

Working with more thrashy riffs, faster beats and melodic lead, they slowly found their way into a more Melo-death/hardcore style, that exists on their latest two-track demo "9690" recorded in January 2005. A previous release was the 2004 two-track "SPLEEN". Inspirations are various artists in the world of metal, growing up listening to bands such as Pantera, Metallica, In Flames, Guns "n" Roses and Machine Head.

Spring 2005 former Mercenary drummer Rasmus "Razor" Jakobsen, helped os out/joined SPLEEN.

This was a result of leadsinger Mortens decision to lay down the guitar, to focus mainly on the vocals. At the same time Christian switched to guitar, and Tommy took up sampling and additional vocals.

But once again the band had to part with some of the members. This time Heine, Christian and Razor had to leave the band due to lack of time.

Then Simon Knøsgaard joined the band, and Morten went back to playing the guitar. and Jacob Nielsen joined the band as leadsinger.

2008 After eight years playing metal, SPLEEN calls it quits...

Jacob continues in Lost Confesion, Mads Continues in IN Crimson Colors, Simon, Morten And Tommy made a new band Call 9000 John Doe ...

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